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Hello I’m Rob Mason and welcome to Adventure Motorcycle The Balkans – UK to Greece

I’m often asked “When did you first start riding motorcycles?”. The honest answers is I was about 9 years old but I didn’t pass my test until I was 31. The television series Long Way Round starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman is the reason I got back on a motorcycle. In 2005 I brushed aside all the horror stories that had persuaded me not to ride for over 15 years in the search of my own adventure.

Now I find myself planning my own journeys and this time I would be heading across the Balkans.

Balkan Cover Wide Balkan Flat Tyre Balkan Ice Wall Balkan Albania Balkan Bridge Bosnia Track Slovenia Freeze Mostar Snow Truck Greece

But the story didn’t start here… During the Making of Aim for the Horizons-Western Europe I met Brian Vacher in northern Spain. Sadly it wasn’t until early 2011 when we had the opportunity to ride again whilst making another documentary called Adventure Motorcycle Morocco. Three mountain ranges and the Sahara Desert later we had become good friends and have been looking for excuses to ride ever since.

Finally, it looked like it could be my time to see the world on two wheels. I instantly started investigating the logistics behind a round the world trip and came to the conclusion we would need a minimum of four months but ideally longer for an enjoyable journey. For me taking four months off work is impossible and for Brian spending four months away from his family wasn’t an option. So as soon as the idea was born it was already over.

Months passed and we couldn’t shake the need for another adventure. Brian had moved back to the UK and once more, we found ourselves gazing at the world map on the wall of his garage. I then had a thought out loud…

“Why don’t we see the world in two or three week stages?”…

Brian instantly replied.

“Yeah let’s do that. We don’t even have to do it in any order, as long as we end up riding everywhere we’d like to.”

So, with an upturned grin and a grunt from both of us, the idea was born. Instead of choosing one place to visit we had agreed to ride as many locations around the world as we could. At that moment we both looked back at the world map and decided it would be fun to Ride from the UK to Greece over the Balkans…

Video production can be an expensive game but with my history and skill set and a short discussion with Brian we both decided to produce a series of webisodes for each stage that people can watch online for free. Below is the entire video playlist we create whilst planning and taking the trip. We talk about equipment, motorcycle preparation, planning and the places we see.

We hope you enjoy watching: Adventure Motorcycle-The Balkans.



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  1. clive Bissoni October 5, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Thanks for the great videos. I couldnt get episode 14 .
    I have been riding around the world as wll including places like India and Indonesia. Exhilerating. Next trip will be Peru hopefully.
    I am living in Ontario Canada near the great lakes.
    If you want any help negotiating this side of the pond let me know. I could help you with bike purchase, paerwork and storage if you need a base to start your trip.
    THanks for the videos.

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