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EPISODE ONE – The Idea: Every adventure motorcycling journey starts with an idea. We wanted an adventure; we wanted to ride the world but that takes months and our commitments weren’t going to let that happen. We think we’ve found a way round it… This is how it started. Stage 1: The Balkans.
EPISODE TWO – The Third Rider: They say two’s company but three’s a crowd, but in this case three is the entertainment. As it had always been our personal ambition to ride the world we hadn’t discussed bringing a third person along. With the filming to consider, many hands make light work and with a friend rapidly in need of an adventure we found rider number three.
EPISODE THREE – Broken Back: If anybody was going throw a spanner in the works at this late stage it was going to be Brian. With the news of his skydiving accident we were all keen to know if it was game over before the trip even starts.
EPISODE FOUR – Bike Collection: One of the most important things about a motorcycle adventure is having a motorcycle to ride. We only had one bike between so we needed two more. The free-adds and internet was scoured to find two more Honda Africa Twins at opposite ends of the country and it was time to pick them up.
EPISODE FIVE – Bike Prep Breakdown: With three XRV750s in our garages we still had a lot of work to do to make sure they were ready. Although all in good mechanical order, prevention is always better than a cure. It was time to strip them all down and prepare the bikes that would carry us on our adventures.
EPISODE SIX – Off Road Training Day 1: There’s always an excuse to go riding and James is just that. It was clear his off road skills leave a lot to be desired and it was time to do something about it. When most people think of the south of Spain they imagine the beach, the nightlife, great food and culture, but we could think of something much better.
EPISODE SEVEN – Off Road Training Day 2: Impressed with the way James picked up the basics on day one it was time to push him to the next level and see what he’s made of. This time taking us all further afield to ride some of the stunning routes, tracks and trails that the South of Spain has to offer.
EPISODE EIGHT – Bike Bits: With only three weeks until departure we still had a lot of work left to do before the bikes would be ready. With the arrival of the parts needed we took the time to introduce James to bike maintenance and talk him through why we’re being so thorough.
EPISODE NINE – Departure: Finally it was time to leave for on first stage but nothing’s simple. With a train to catch and time ticking away we discovered some major problems with two of the bikes brakes. So it was back into the garage and all hands on deck.
EPISODE TEN – UK to Austria: It was good to finally be on the road. Due to the problems on the day of departure we were already one day behind. Our aim was to get to Austria via the most direct route possible. Luckily we had two welcome stops along the way to break up the motorway miles.
EPISODE ELEVEN – Kit List: We arrived in Austria and have given ourselves one day for final preparation. This would be the last chance to check the routes, the bikes and all the equipment before we head south across the Balkans. They say overweight is under prepared… Well, one of us was definitely under prepared.
EPISODE TWELVE – Austria to Slovenia: We’d had a day to check the bike and sort through our kit and camera equipment but now it was time to leave. The snow had been falling for two days so with the weather against us we headed out for our first day riding the Balkans. Our aim is to cross from Austria into Slovenia via some pre-planned routes but we we’re all concerned the conditions would make things harder than expected…
EPISODE THIRTEEN – Slovenia to Croatia: After a James fall on a Slovenian mountain trail the day before it was time to go back and see if we could make it through after a good nights sleep. We were all starting to fear the snow and ice was going to cause us problems with our route through the Balkans…
EPISODE FOURTEEN – Slovenia to Croatia: With the snow and ice causing problems with our Slovenia routes the moral was low when we woke ready to ride Croatia. As soon as we started out the mood was lifted as we used the blocked routes as reasons to explore and push our way across the country using any way we could.
EPISODE FIFTEEN – Bosnia Part 1: James has some trouble at the border. The team meet some sheep. James expresses his fears about AK47s.
EPISODE SIXTEEN – Bosnia Part 2: James falls off again. We finally arrive in Mostar and visit the Stari Bridge which was destroyed in the conflict during 1993. After a great offroad section the team find themselves in a deserted army barracks.
EPISODE SEVENTEEN – Montengro: The team enter Montenegro. More snow! The bikes get their first clean of the trip and the guys discuss how easy or hard adventure motorcycling can be.
EPISODE EIGHTEEN – Albania: Rob blows his exhaust and the truth about Brians tyre changing ability. The team head into an awesome off road section through the Albanian mountains. James performs a personal tribute to Austin Powers. Then the rain hits hard and the team has to abandon the rest of the routes and heads for Greece.
EPISODE NINETEEN – Greece: The final episode! Rob has a crash! The team arrive in Athens and meet up with the Greek Africa Twin Owners club in time for there weekly meeting. Final goodbyes in front of the Acropolis. Until next time!

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