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Our adventures are your adventures. We intend on touring the world on and sharing with you the stories, photos and films we bring back. We hope you enjoy this website and if you do please share with your friends.


Hello my name is Robert Mason and dreaming of adventure and trips like these is the reason I got back on a motorcycle, the reason Dave Lomax has already trekked the world and the reason Brian Vacher uses to push himself harder and further.

Rob Mason Brian Vacher

Dave Lomax

The original Aim for the Horizon was an adventure moto documentary made in 2009 about a friend Dean passing his test, re-building a motorcycle and having his first ever motorcycle adventure. This was also the reason we all know each other. David Lomax’s company Adventure-Spec was assisting me with the documentary and during the tour of Europe he introduced me to Brian in northern Spain. He was the ex-world champion and current national champion Canopy Pilot and a personal friend of David Lomax. As well as insisting we all jumped out of an aeroplane (including the camera man) he opened his house to us and made us feel at home then took us off road riding the next day. Sadly it wasn’t until early 2011 when we had the opportunity to ride again whilst making another documentary called Adventure Motorcycle Morocco. Three mountain ranges and the Sahara Desert later we had all become good friends and have been looking for excuses to ride ever since.

I think this is the ideal opportunity to explain the differences between Dave, Brian and I. Dave is a straight talking trained engineer and businessman, with clear communication, a wealth of knowledge and a smooth and steady pace. Brian is a well-travelled, well-educated and multilingual man, a world class Professional Skydiver who’s never shaken by anything and pushes the bike and himself at every opportunity. I’m an engineer and media professional. There’s nothing I can’t repair and I sit directly in the middle and find myself switching between trying to push the limits with Brian and Slowing the pace and absorbing the surroundings with Dave. One thing for sure is although we will all approach a journey from different directions, we all work well as a team.

Dean Wilson James Stacey

Over the past years there have been other members to the Aim for the Horizon team who have shared the adventure with. Dean Wilson was the original star of the show, proving that with the right determination anything is possible. From stepping over a motorcycle for the first time to riding a 4000 mile road trip that ended off road on the top of a mountain. Then there is James Stacey a childhood friend who joined us for our Eastern Europe adventure. Completely leaving his comfort zone, overcoming adversity and after falling several times he never lost his commitment to the adventure. Both of these are amazing people to have ridden with and we would all love the opportunity to ride with them again.

I think before committing to any adventure, everybody has to take many things into consideration. Of course there are the destinations, the things you’d like to experience, the places you’d like to see but there’s also the more personal and logistical elements to consider. Money and time away from family, loved ones, work, the vehicle, the route, accessibility and safety are all things that need thinking about. Personally we believe all of the above can be achieved with some time, effort and usually some compromise.

Adventure Stats

15 Countries Visited
26784 Miles Traved
1023 Photos Taken
181 Hours of Video Recorded
3 Arguments
5 Mechanical Problems
3371 Total Litres of Fuel